Hot & Cool Gel Pack (Termo Jel)- Mediklin

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৳ 200.00৳ 300.00 (-33%)


For Hot Compress

Plunge the thermogel into hot water heated around at 80’C and keep waiting it 7-8 minutes or heat it in a microwave oven 400 watt during 2-3 minutes.

For Cold Compress

Keep waiting until it reaches the requested coldness in the freezer compartiment of refrigerator. It is contraindicated to persons suffered by low blood circulation and Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Instruction For Use

  1. Thermogel is used inside a plastic pouches.
  2. Don’t open and punch plastic pouch.
  3. Thermogel preserves a long time its hot and cold position; gel isn’t harmful.
  4. Don’t use pierced and torn pouches.
  5. Wash off only with water when it is to come into contact with your body or your underwear.
  6. It’s environmentally-friendly.
  7. Multiple uses available.

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Hot & Cool Gel Pack (Termo Jel)- Mediklin

৳ 200.00৳ 300.00 (-33%)

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